On Demand General Counsel

If you are a startup or small business considering hiring a General Counsel, allow OpenDoor GC to be your outside, on-demand general counsel and fill the role in a more cost-effective and flexible manner. Our attorneys have extensive in-house and law firm experience, providing us with a comprehensive knowledge base to be able to advise companies as general counsel on the full range of business needs from entity formation, to operations-related and commercial transaction contracts, to employment law and more.

Cost-saving: If you are a company looking to hire a general counsel, you can expect to spend around $150,000 in salary, with an extra 25-30% in bonus and benefits, totaling nearly $200,000 per year. However, in reality, if you are a startup or smaller business, you may only need 10-15 hours of general counsel services per week. OpenDoor rates start at $100/hour or at around $6,000/month for part-time general counsel assistance, in each case saving you around 60% per year when compared to hiring a traditional inhouse general counsel. OpenDoor also gives you the flexibility to change your fee arrangement as your needs change. This means that if you need 20 hours per week of general counsel services one month, but only 10 hours per week the following month, your fees can adjust accordingly, so you are not left with paying for general counsel services that you don’t actually need.