Outsource Your Next Teammate

OpenDoor GC will fulfill your full-time, part-time, or interim in-house legal needs. We will provide you with a dedicated attorney who will assimilate into your business and become a part of your team, but while operating on a remote basis without requiring you to provide any office space or technology. Our attorney will quickly get up to speed on your company’s objectives, become knowledgeable of your internal systems, and, if desired, have an email address and phone extension on your internal systems.   

Cost-saving: If you are a company looking to hire a full-time in-house attorney, you can anticipate spending around $120,000 in salary, with an extra 25-30% in bonus and benefits, totaling over $150,000 per year. Similarly, you can anticipate spending over $80,000 total for a part-time in-house attorney. OpenDoor charges around $10,000/month for fulltime legal assistance or around $6,000/month for part-time legal assistance, in each case saving you between 15-20% per year. In addition, OpenDoor provides you with the flexibility to change your monthly fee arrangement as your needs change. If you need fulltime legal work one month, but only part-time legal work the next month, your fees can adjust accordingly causing you to pay for only those services that you actually need.